Enterprise Core Values:

Humanism, sharing, development, responsibility

People orientedour employees are the most valuable wealth, encourage employees to self-improvement and           development, in the work experience the meaning of life.

Profit  SharingGrateful for favors received , Thanksgiving tongren tireless contributions and efforts to pay.

Common development –the most outstanding professional and managerial talent, combined with the company's    development goals to provide the best space for development.

Commitment responsibilitysustainable management and social feedback is the basic commitment to  employees, shareholders and society.

Business philosophy:

Quality – Our product quality is the most optimized in the creation of customer products.

Speed –we deepen the layout and respond quickly to meet the needs of our customers.

Cost-we combine production and marketing, vertical integration to enhance the customer's competitive profits.

Resilience We are able to gallop a small variety of product markets with a positive response.

ServicesWe pretend to be a manufacturing service, providing a full range of services beyond customer requirements;

Company Culture:

Build a good team combine the professionals in different fields and play the teamwork spirit.

Responsibility –respect for the professional and vested responsibilities of the self and the success or failure of the team and the individual.

Reward-to performance-oriented, meritorious rewards, there will be penalties.

Learn to grow-inspire employees ' wisdom and potential, and keep breaking the growth limit with vigor.

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