Screw Type Air Cooled Chiller

1、The use of well-known international brands of air-cooled screw compressor, the motor comes with suction cooling device in the high temperature environment can also be normal operation, low noise, cooling capacity.

2、The national certification of heat exchanger with pressure vessel production qualification is used as evaporator.

3、Using high quality hydrophilic aluminum foil, efficient heat exchange copper tube made of fin condenser, anhydrous bridgeformation, heat transfer fluid.

4、The sheet metal frame made of high quality galvanized plate can prevent the rain from corrosion, and the utility model is matched with a special waterproof electric box, which can be placed outdoors for a long time.

5、The use of a new generation of fast response microcomputer controller, beautiful man-machine interface, automatic one buttonstart, easy operation, accurate temperature control, with RS485 interface, remote control.

6、The use of international brands of thermal expansion valve, dry filters and other refrigeration accessories, stable operation,efficient and sensitive. 

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