Vortex Air-Cooled Chiller

1、  Adopt international famous brand full-closed vortex compressor. Super cooling, quiet and energy-saving.

2、  Adopt high efficient rolling teeth not welded inside screw heat exchange tubes made of condenser and evaporator. Efficient conduction, large heat transfer area, more comprehensive refrigeration capacity.

3、  With eddy current coil evaporator solely owned by "Fuliang", it has greater heat exchange area and more comprehensive release of refrigerating capacity.

4、 Small aircraft built-in stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump and stainless steel water tank. Convenient to pipe connection and save space.

5、The panel beating of the cabinet is the outdoor waterproof and rust-proof type, so that the user could place it directly outdoor, which solves the trouble that when the wind cooling unit is placed indoor, it's subject to high pressure due to poor ventilation and the trouble to install the rain cover outdoor.

6、  With microcomputer controller, display temperature control, protection and fault code on the  control panel so that it is easy and simple to operate.

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